‘Warzone’ is reportedly making over £3.7million every single day


Call Of Duty: Warzone is reportedly generating £3.7million in revenue every single day, according to a financial report evaluating how much top-grossing games across the world make.

In a study conducted by NetBet and spotted by Dot Esports, 24 months of “sales and revenue data” were examined to work out how much “top-grossing AAA and free to play (F2P)” are making, down to the very second.

The study reports that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare brings in £1.3billion every year, which comes down to £3.7million every single day and over £156,000 each hour. It also adds that Warzone has the largest recorded revenue growth of 196.1 per cent, shadowing over the growth of major titles like League Of Legends, GTA 5 and FIFA 20. Similarly, Warzone‘s annual intake ranks higher than all of these titles.


Call Of Duty Warzone
Call Of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision

Despite this, there are still a number of games raking in more than Warzone. This includes Roblox – which pulls in over £1.5billion each year – and Niantic‘s Pokemon Go, which earns just eight million more than Activision Blizzard‘s game.

Overall, the highest earning publisher is Tencent, which earns over £3billion from multiple games on the list.

Warzone‘s success may come as a surprise to the community, as many players are struggling with the game due to a fierce debate over the pros and cons of aim assist. There’s still plenty in the future for Warzone though, as Call Of Duty: Vanguard will deliver a new map and anti-cheat system to the game.

A further update from Raven Software has confirmed that Warzone‘s next map will be based in the Pacific with an “entirely new play space, complete with all-new points of interest”.


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