‘Warzone’ pro Jukeyz’ recent win worth more than a year’s salary at his last job

Good on him

Call Of Duty: Warzone professional player Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James has revealed that by winning the 2021 World Series Of Warzone (EU), he’s made more money in one night than he did in an entire year at his last job.

After winning the World Series Of Warzone EU Trios earlier in the week, James has shared with Twitter that his share of the prize pool (which was $300,000/£216,225 overall) has made him more money than the yearly salary of his last job at a warehouse:

“Can’t get my head around the fact I made a yearly wage I would have made when I was working in a warehouse…in one night”


As Dexerto notes, Jukezy had previously earned around $115,000 (£82,890) through Warzone prior to competing in the World Series Of Warzone, which made him one of the highest earners in the game’s history.

As well as securing a significant chunk of the prize pool, Jukeyz also represents Red Bull and the London Royal Ravens.

Speaking to NME last month ahead of the tournament, Jukeyz told us that he was expecting to take home a share totalling £36,000 if he and his trio won the WSOW, which they did. He added that while the share of the prize pool was “worth staying over here for a bit”, his overall aim is to “get out there and represent the Liverpool kids, represent the UK”.

In other news, the ‘Bear Hug’ emote has been pulled from Fortnite following a bug causing it to look suspiciously NSFW.


An official statement has confirmed that “the Bear Hug emote will remain disabled while we fix an issue” and that anyone who has already bought the emote “will be able to make a tokenless refund sometime next week”.