‘Warzone’ Season 3 patch notes updated with ‘Vanguard’ gun improvements

Raven Software says 'Vanguard' guns were less effective on Caldera due to longer "engagement distances"

The Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 3 patch notes have been updated to include a huge number of weapon changes, Caldera map tweaks and bug fixes.

Developer Raven Software updated the patch notes for the season yesterday (May 4), with plenty of changes being made to the free-to-play game (thanks, The Loadout).

The health of the armoured truck has been decreased – though it will still be more resilient than the cargo truck – and the vehicle’s turret has had its damage decreased by 40 per cent. On the change, Raven says the armoured truck has an “overwhelming presence [that] has felt oppressive to engage against.”


The May 4 adjustments are also making sure that weapons in Warzone from Call Of Duty: Vanguard are more in-line with their counterparts. This is because Caldera has increased “engagement distances”, meaning Vanguard weapons with a low maximum damage range have become much less effective.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision Blizzard

This means the damage range of Vanguard’s AS44, Assault Rifle Alpha, Assault Rifle Bravo, KG M40, Nikita AVT and NZ-41 have all been increased slightly. The Armaguerra 43, M1912, Owen Gun, PPSh-41, Sten, Type 100 and Welgun submachine guns have also been improved.

“While the Nikita AVT (VG) has been performing moderately well, we felt that its magazine capacity and minimum damage was holding it back from becoming the sniper support allstar it was destined to become,” said Raven Software. “These changes will undoubtedly instil the Nikita AVT (VG) as one of the most formidable ground loot weapons.”

Player perk Vital has also seen its upper torso damage multiplier slightly decreased, down to 1.046 from 1.05.

The patch also brings a range of bug fixes, which address issues preventing some Vanguard guns from gaining weapon XP, and another that was stopping Xbox Live Silver subscribers from playing Warzone.


In other news, Knotwords has been given the seal of approval from Wordle creator Josh Wardle.

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