‘Warzone’ teases imminent anti-cheat update with “dear cheaters” message

"Cheaters aren't welcome. There's no tolerance for cheaters. And soon you'll know what we mean."

Activision seems to be teasing an imminent Call Of Duty: Warzone anti-cheat software update, following months of proclaiming that a much-needed upgrade was coming.

Last night (October 12), the official Call Of Duty Twitter account posted an ominous message that suggests a new anti-cheat system is coming to Warzone today (October 13).

The message, titled “dear cheaters”, explained that “cheaters aren’t welcome” in Warzone and added “soon you’ll know what we mean”. Posted alongside the caption “see you tomorrow”, it’s a safe assumption that the new anti-cheat software – which was announced back in August – will be arriving later today.


Described as a “multi-faceted” anti-cheat system, the upcoming Warzone update aims to address a problem with cheating that has long been a source of pain for the community.

The rise of cheating in Warzone has been attributed to the fact it is a free game, as well as issues with cheats and hardware ID spoofers (which help to avoid receiving a ban) being much easier to find on the internet nowadays.

In September, it was confirmed that bans issued in Warzone would carry over to Call Of Duty: Vanguard when it launches on November 5 this year. Despite this, hackers are already selling “lifetime cheats” for Call Of Duty: Vanguard, including aimbot and ESP (extra sensory perception) software.

Back in August, one prominent Warzone cheater created videos blatantly showing cheat use, under the alleged guise of bringing “awareness to cheating”. Not long after posting one of these videos, the cheater reported being hardware banned across all accounts by Activision.


In other news, Bethesda has finally removed Games For Windows Live from Fallout 3. Despite Microsoft‘s service being discontinued in 2014, it has been causing issues in Fallout 3 for a further seven years.