Watch: 23 minutes of ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ gameplay footage

Ellie can swim now

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog released over 20 minutes of The Last Of Us Part II gameplay footage during the latest State Of Play broadcast.

Naughty Dog vice president and the game’s director Neil Druckmann went over new details of the gameplay experience and story, and showcased eight minutes of previously unseen and uninterrupted in-game footage.

Watch the State Of Play episode below.


The new video follows Ellie as she picks her way through Seattle, currently occupied by  the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), one of two warring factions. Ellie’s only purpose for being there is to find a woman named Nora.

Ellie has to get past a guard who is playing a PlayStation Vita with her headphones in. Ellie takes her out in gory fashion, stabbing her in the neck. The next few minutes show Ellie sneaking through buildings, crafting a water bottle suppressor for her pistol and throwing molotov cocktails. Ellie finally comes face–to-face with a defenceless Nora, and the footage ends.

Several new gameplay mechanics were introduced, including Ellie’s ability to swim, an upgrade from the character’s inability and fear of swimming in the first game. Ellie is now able to jump or swing over gaps with a rope, vertically scale selected terrains and ride horses to get around.

The game will also feature new weapon customisation options. Ellie can now craft items, weapons and player upgrades using spare parts found in the world around her. She will also be able to craft certain items on the spot, such as explosive arrows, pistol silencers and more.


The new State Of Play episode is the latest preview of gameplay from The Last Of Us Part II. Last week, Naughty Dog went into details about the title’s open world design and game elements in the second episode of its weekly Inside series.

The Last Of Us Part II will be available exclusive on the PlayStation 4 from June 19. Limited edition PS4 Pro bundles fashioned in the theme of the upcoming game are currently available for pre-order.