Watch brand new ‘Star Wars Squadrons’ gameplay

The game is due to release on October 2

Electronic Arts (EA) has given fans their first look at Star Wars Squadrons during its EA Play Live show.

The gameplay provided insight into both the single-player and multiplayer components that Star Wars Squadrons will bring to its release. The game is based around space combat and players will be able to man the cockpits of X-Wings, TIE Fighters and many other iconic ships from the Star Wars universe.

Check out the gameplay debut below:



Single-player mode will allow players to join the ranks of either the New Republic or the Empire in first-person starfighter combat.

Ships will be categorised into various classes. Fighters specialise in combat, being the most flexible and versatile of the bunch, featuring the franchise famous TIE Fighters and X-Wings. Interceptors on the other hand are fast and highly manoeuvrable, suitable for hunting down foes. Support ships aim to keep allies in the fight by providing health and ammo. And Bombers deal heavy damage to flagships and starfighters alike.

Star Wars Squadrons’ signature multiplayer mode is Fleet Battles and will take place across numerous stages. The main goal of this mode is to destroy the enemy’s flagship. Matches will start in a social hub where players can determine their strategy and equip loadouts before taking to the skies. Once in the air, players will engage in dogfights with the opposing team while attacking and defending capital ships. Destroying capital ships will then leave the enemy’s flagship vulnerable. The first team to destroy the enemy’s flagship wins.

Another multiplayer mode available in Star Wars Squadrons is Dogfights. This is a straightforward 5v5 that will see players pit their dogfighting skills in a deathmatch mode. More details about this mode will be unveiled closer to launch.


Many other titles were announced during EA’s Play Live event including the announcement of a brand new Skate which fans have been long been campaigning for.

Star Wars Squadrons is due to release on October 2 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will also support full VR play on PC and PlayStation 4.

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