‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ multiplayer mode now available on PC

Tactical Op mode will launch next week

The announced, but subsequently delayed, Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode is now available on PC after the 3.22 title update arrived yesterday (March 20).

The 14.4gb patch included several bug fixes related to ray-tracing and game-crashing issues. Ubisoft also enabled the online multiplayer with the rollout of the update, which had been announced for PC but delayed at the beginning of March.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer includes cooperative missions, player vs player fights, and a new streamlined recruitment system.


The system is an adaptation of Legion‘s primary recruitment gameplay mechanic. It allows players to recruit anyone within the online world by spending influence points.

Legion’s multiplayer mode takes place after the events of the main story. Working together in groups of up to four people, players can explore a digital recreation of London.

Watchdogs: Legion
Watch Dogs: Legion. Credit: Ubisoft Toronto

An additional multiplayer mode titled Tactical Op will also release on all platforms next week (March 23). The new mode will introduce endgame-level missions, which are designed around four players working together to take on five-stage challenges.

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s multiplayer mode launched on consoles earlier this month, but Ubisoft had originally planned to release it last November.

The decision came after many players had reported a bug which wiped their progress. This prompted Ubisoft to delay the release and work on improving the single-player experience.


Ubisoft also released a new Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla update last week which prepared the game for the upcoming Ostara Festival which runs from March 18 to April 8. The festival will celebrate the Pagan goddess of Easter and will include new themed content.

The update also introduced the ability to transmog items. It allows players to alter the visual look of items within the same category.