Watch the first 15 eerie minutes of the ‘Alan Wake’ expansion for ‘Control’

The new add-on is set for release later this month

Remedy Entertainment has provided a walkthrough for the first 15 minutes of Controls upcoming Alan Wake-themed expansion.

During a Twitch stream, the developer delved into an introduction of the downloadable content and provided some context on what players can expect to find.

Titled AWE (Altered World Event), the expansion is set inside the Federal Bureau Of Control and will follow the adventures of protagonist Jesse, who receives a distress call that invites her to explore the sealed off Investigation Sector.


The main draw for the final expansion for Control is how the narrative is set to cross-over with the team’s other property, Alan Wake. During the stream, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake spoke about how Wake is woven into the story after finding himself trapped in ‘The Dark Place’ at the end of his own game.

Control AWE. Credit: Remedy Entertainment

“Alan Wake is writing again, and you’ll be finding pages of his writing,” Lake said. “The story he’s creating is affecting reality here. You can experience the full pages through the hotline menu in the game.”

The new expansion will also inject elements of Alan Wake’s gameplay into into the mix. Enemies will require light to be damaged, reminiscent to the way Wake defeated foes with a mixture of a torch and handgun. Players will have to scramble to find light sources powerful enough to cause damage and survive.

The add-on is said to be 4-5 hours in length and will include new enemy types, side missions and areas to explore.

Check out the full gameplay walkthrough below:


Accompanying Control’s expansion will be a free update that’s set to add new weapon modification, as well as some quality of life improvements.

The Surge form – which was shown in the gameplay demonstration – works as a sticky detonator, allowing players to fire and detonate explosive rounds from afar. Quality of life improvements include an assist mode, more save points and a new upgrade for Jesse’s launch power.

AWE is set to release on August 27 and will coincide with the Steam release of the game. Additionally, a new version of the game titled Control Ultimate Edition is set to be released and include all previously released content. Console players will also be entitled to a free next-gen upgrade with the updated version.

The final expansion for Control is intended to kick start the Remedy Connected Universe, a series of games that will merge together the developer’s various properties and create a franchise similar to what Marvel created with its Cinematic Universe.