Watch the gameplay trailer for new ‘Dead Cells’ expansion ‘The Queen And The Sea’

The DLC has also got a firm January release date

Dead Cells’ new expansion The Queen And The Sea has got a firm January release date and a new trailer to celebrate – check it out below:

Coming 6 January 2022, The Queen And The Sea follows on from two previous expansions The Bad Seeds and Fatal Falls. It will finish the storyline told across those episodes and give Dead Cells “a new ending”.

“Ending a trilogy needs some special touches and we believe we’ve put quite a few in this DLC. We have an awesome new boss which we’re sure will surprise you multiple times,” reads the announcement.


The new DLC will introduce new enemies, bosses, weapons, and two brand-new biomes – Infested Shipwreck and the Lighthouse – that’ll run parallel to the existing High Peak Castle and Throne Room late-game stages. According to developers these new biomes are “definitely not the standard-issue Dead Cells level that you know and love”.

Check out the trailer below:

Infested Shipwreck will see players “fight through the claustrophobic hallways of a sunken vessel, while multi-legged eldritch abominations hunt you from the shadows. To combat this terrible threat, you’ll gain access to a formidable arsenal of nautical weapons such as a trident, a pirate hook and a shark”.

Elsewhere Lighthouse offers the chance to “ascend a soaring tower while fending off the relentless attacks of the Queen’s Guardians and outrunning the hungry flames rising from below”


Dead Cells: The Queen And The Sea will cost £4.49 ($4.99) on Steam while developers Evil Empire, a subsidiary of Motion Twin, will also be offering a discounted bundle of all three DLC chapters. After the release of The Queen And The Sea, developers say they’ll be releasing more free content for Dead Cells, with plans to continue doing so “for at least another year”.

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