Watch the London Symphony Orchestra play ‘Starfield’ music with Inon Zur

The 'Starfield' soundtrack is something similar to a magnum opus to the composer

The London Symphony Orchestra performed a selection of songs from Starfield with composer Inon Zur conducting the opening and closing melodies.

Available to listen to through Bethesda‘s official YouTube channel, this was the first full concert dedicated to the sci-fi score. Check it out below:


In NME‘s four-star review of Starfield, particular praise was paid to Zur’s contribution to the experience of exploring its mysterious galaxy by “capturing the excitement and danger of space”.

Zur, who has worked on series like EverQuest, Dragon Age, Fallout, Prince Of Persia and Syberia, has scored tens of nominations over the years. However, Starfield is something similar to a magnum opus to the Israeli-American composer.

“I feel that Starfield is my best score to date, although that does not take away from any other scores which I have composed for Bethesda,” shared Zur in an interview with NME.

“I think that each of the scores for the Fallout series and others have their moments and uniqueness. But as a whole piece of work, I believe Starfield shows more of my maturity as a composer.”

‘Starfield’ Credit: Bethesda

In spite of this sophistry, Zur is one that likes to leave a trail of musical crumbs for fans to follow in his compositions. “Every now and then I will sneak in an element, maybe a guitar riff or a few chords, from one of the songs into the score,” he said of the contrast between Fallout‘s radios and the original instrumentals.


“I challenge players to listen to the radio stations and find where I planted these secret gems – where I’m hinting at one of the songs – in the scores. The first one who finds these gets a personal tour of my studio!”

In other gaming news, Electronic Arts announced that Star Wars Jedi series director Stig Asmussen has left Respawn Entertainment to “pursue other adventures“.

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