Watch the neon-soaked cinematic trailer for ‘Fall Guys’ Season Four

A collaboration with ‘Among Us’ has been teased

Developer Mediatonic has unveiled the cinematic trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

The futuristic theme for the fourth season of Fall Guys has been teased since mid February, but has now been fully revealed. Players will be able to jump into the fourth season on March 22, per the trailer.

Watch the trailer below.


The trailer sees a bean being pushed into a body of water while running through a course, and falls into a long slumber until it awakens in the year 4041. The trailer then shows off the game’s new neon-lit world and a series of new obstacles that players will have to overcome.

Perhaps most interestingly however, is what’s shown during the closing seconds of the trailer. The trailer closes with an impostor from Among Us being ejected into a pool of lava, while the screen reads “1 impostor remains”.

It is currently unclear if this confirms a collaboration between the two popular gaming franchises, or if it’s just a nice tip of the hat from Mediatonic to InnerSloth. The two games engaged in a fun back-and-forth on Twitter seemingly hinting that there’s more to come.

Check out the exchange below.


The fourth season of Fall Guys will introduce seven new levels, one of which has already been detailed. The Skyline Stumble level will feature new obstacles such as the Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, Flippity Bippities, Chonky Buttons and Spicy Light Swingers.

In other news, Mediatonic has been acquired by Epic Games. Epic Games has assured Fall Guys fans that “gameplay isn’t changing and Epic will continue to invest in making the game a great experience for players across platforms”.