Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo launches ‘Wordle’ spin-off ‘Weezle’

Cuomo says "If you like 'Wordle' and Weezer, you'll probably like 'Weezle'"

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has announced Weezle, a version of Wordle that tasks fans with guessing a Weezer lyric in just six tries.

Announced via Twitter last night (March 3), Cuomo shared that “if you like Wordle and Weezer, you’ll probably like Weezle“.

As to what Weezle involves, fans will find that it’s the same premise as Wordle: a free browser game that gives you six tries to guess the correct word of the day. However, unlike Wordle, Weezle‘s word of the day will only consist of lyrics from a Weezer song.


You can play Weezle here.

Since Wordle became hugely popular in January 2022, there’s been no shortage of “Wordle clones” – games that take the same core premise and apply it to various other topics.

Beyond Weezle, there’s also Taylordlea Taylor Swift-themed Wordle – and Worldle, which tasks players with guessing which country is on display each day. There’s even Squabble – a spin-off that transforms the casual word game into a tense battle royale for slightly more competitive players.

It may come as no surprise to see that Cuomo’s tried his hand at his own version. Back in 2021, Cuomo told NME that he’s “perfectly happy to be at home all the time working on music and computer programming.”

Weezer (Picture: Brendan Walter / Press)


In January, Cuomo launched Weezify – a Weezer-themed streaming platform that included “all of Rivers Cuomo’s demos” from 1975 to 2017.

“Close to 3,500 demos. Follow curated playlists. Create playlists of your favourites. I made this app myself. It took me all of 2021 to make. I hope you enjoy it,” said Cuomo on the project.

In other gaming news, Bloober Team has shared that it will stop selling its games in Russia and Belarus.

“Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people, and this is one of several steps we’re currently taking to support them,” the studio announced.

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