‘Weird West’ catches a delay to iron out some “wonky moments”

The wait for werewolf cowboys just got a little longer

Supernatural Western game Weird West has been delayed to March 2021, as publisher Devolver Digital says some “wonky moments” identified by beta testers needs to be ironed out.

The announcement came via Raphaël Colantonio, who previously worked on Dishonored and Prey before founding WolfEye Studios. In a video shared earlier in the week, Colantonio revealed that fans were having fun in the beta test but acknowledged that issues were emerging that required more time to fix – meaning Weird West would be pushed back to a March 31 release date.

“As we are playing our own game, on one hand we realise the game is really great, on the other hand, we realise it’s not quite ready yet,” explained Colantonio.


“The game is being tested in a private beta, and they’re having a blast, however we want to iron out [some] stuff because we are committed to delivering the best experience. We have a long history of making immersive sims and we all know how great those games can be when it all comes together – every player has their own experience, and there’s so many things that can happen.”

Colantonio then clarified that “some of those things can be great, some of those things cannot be so great, so we want to deliver the best experience possible.”, before confirming that the studio is “pushing the game to March 31, 2022”.

Although fans may have a little bit longer to wait before getting their hands on Weird West, so far it’s looking to be worth the wait. An earlier trailer for the game, released in July, showcased five unique playable characters that ranged from bounty hunters to werewolves and seers.

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