‘WikiTrivia’ is a browser game where you have to organise world history

Learn while you procrastinate

WikiTrivia is an open-source game in which the player needs to organise cards with world history and events on, in the correct chronological order.

To start, you will have one card with a date on it. You then get a second card with an event and have to place it before or after the existing card. Then you get a new card. This is the gameplay loop of WikiTrivia (first spotted by RockPaperShotgun).

Each round begins simply, with rough general guesses often being good enough to get a good result, but as cards are added to the timeline, the gaps you have to fill get narrower. Each run gives you three lives and if you lose all of them it is game over. The goal is to improve your personal streak and get as many correct cards as possible.


One example is sorting when Syracuse was created, between the founding of Gascony, and the final season of Game Of Thrones. Another situation involves deciding which came first, Sean Connery’s birth, or the photograph “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper”. If you get an answer wrong, you will still be shown the correct date and can then sort other events around it. The three types of events are “Created”, “Born”, and “Ended”.

In other news, Raven Software employees have officially unionised. The Game Workers Alliance (GWA) is a new union that has been launched with the help of the ABK Workers Alliance, which helped organise the ongoing strike and set up a GoFundMe for the staff.

A mission statement on the GWA website adds that the union focuses “on improving the conditions of workers in the video game industry by making it a more sustainable, equitable place where transparency is paramount. Additionally, we advocate for our disenfranchised and minority workers by creating a diverse space to let their voices be heard in solidarity.”

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