‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ labelled a “catastrophe” by players due to PC performance issues

"It kills me to say that I do not recommend this game based solely off performance alone," reads one of over 1700 negative reviews

The launch of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been met with a host of negative reviews from players, with users criticising a number of performance issues plaguing the PC version.

Though Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty only launched today (March 3), at time of writing the PC version already has over 1700 negative reviews on its Steam page.

As a result, the game is marked ‘Mostly Negative’ and a quick look at the reviews show that a string of performance issues is to blame.


One review, rated as helpful by hundreds of readers, says Wo Long is “the biggest catastrophe of a PC port that I have ever seen,” while another says the game can’t be recommended due to “terrible” performance.

A number of complaints are aimed at the game’s keyboard and mouse controls, with some claiming that the game is “unplayable” without a controller.

Elsewhere, players have encountered a slew of graphical and stability issues on the PC version. One review claims “serious graphical issues” are to blame for lag spikes, while another Steam user complains of crashes, “constant lag” and glitches.

“The game’s concept, design, and combat are so interesting and cool, and it kills me to say that I do not recommend this game based solely off performance alone,” adds another reviewer.

The official Twitter account for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has shared an FAQ page for users struggling with issues on PC, though it does not mention many of the stability issues that players are reportedly experiencing.


Publisher Koei Tecmo‘s last major PC launch was Wild Hearts, which launched in February but remains at a ‘Mixed’ review score due to similar performance issues.

NME has reached out to Koei Tecmo for comment, and will update this story if one is received.

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