‘Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’ single player reimagined in a mod out now

A trailer has accompanied the announcement

Players can finally get their hands on a version of the single-player portion of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, as a mod imagining the cancelled mode has been released after 18 years.

Developed by William Faure, this mod started with them looking at old news articles and files to help piece together what the campaign could have looked like. The ModDB announcement post from 2019 said: “We are aiming to bring the missing chapter of the series to life. To do so, we’ve been searching and examining old news articles from 2002, very early screenshots of the game… to find clues regarding the single-player campaign.”


As noted by PC Gamer, the retail release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (an expansion of Return to Castle Wolfenstein) never came to pass, and developer Splash Damage instead released the multiplayer component of the game for free in 2003, which can be found here.

Faure’s single-player version connects the multiplayer maps to create a string of levels, with the originally promised cooperative version of the campaign coming on November 30. You can find the download for the mod here.

The complete source code of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was made available during a QuakeCon keynote in 2010. This was done for the benefit of the modding community and is part of the reason this single-player mod has become available in the first place.

To play the mod, players can either go to the aforementioned ModDB page or Steam Workshop. Players will need to own a copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and have one of a few overhaul mods installed.

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