‘Wordle’ is getting a board game release from Hasbro

'Wordle' with whiteboards

A board game based on the popular word-based puzzle game Wordle has been created, and will launch in October 2022.

The New York Times bought Wordle from its creator Josh Wardle back in January. The newspaper has now partnered with toy game giants Hasbro to create a board game version of the daily puzzle for two to four players (via CNN).

The game works similarly to the online version, albeit with a multiplayer twist. In the board game, each player takes a turn writing down a five-letter word and the other players attempt to guess it in as few tries as possible. The Wordle board game will be released on October 1 and is currently available to pre-order from Hasbro.


The game set contains dry-erase markers, small Wordle whiteboards and green and yellow tiles to capture the feeling of the original game. The board game is intended to be played in four different game modes, though the variation is quite simple.

The classic version of the game sees one player act as a host while the others try and guess the word, the host will then place the green or yellow tiles over the correct letters to indicate whether they are contained in the word or not. The round ends if the word is not guessed within six rounds.

Two of the alternate game modes, fast and timed, are essentially the above but players have limited time to make guesses. There is also a two versus two team mode where two players team up and attempt to guess the other pair’s word faster than the opposition guesses theirs.

Wordle: The Party Game is one of Hasbro’s “fastest launches” as it was developed in less than a year, according to Hasbro Gaming vice president Adam Biehl.

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