‘Wordle’ will let players save their streaks across devices

The feature is "coming soon" to anyone who can't already see it

Wordle players will soon be able to link their accounts to a New York Times account, which will let them save their statistics and streaks across any device they use.

The update (via PC Gamer) was announced on July 12, and means that players won’t risk losing their streak if they need to play Wordle from a different computer, phone or tablet.

“If you don’t see the option to link your account on the device where you play Wordle every day, hold on tight! The feature is coming to you soon,” shared the New York Times Games Twitter account, which noted that “once stats are linked to a New York Times account, this process cannot be reversed.”


The New York Times bought Wordle back in February, for a price “in the low seven figures”. Although the publication said Wordle would “initially remain free to new and existing players”,  it has made several other changes.

Wordle. Credit: Brandon Bell / Getty Images.

Weeks after the acquisition, it was reported that the list of acceptable words had been “substantially altered” by the New York Times. In May, the company changed one day’s Wordle answer due to it being “closely connected to a major recent news event” – referencing the leaked draft of the US Supreme Court’s plans to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The company has also taken down Wordle Archive, a fan-made website that allowed players to go back and revisit previous puzzles.

The New York Times isn’t the only company to have its eyes on 2022’s Wordle craze. This week, Spotify announced that it had bought music trivia game Heardle – a musical take on Wordle that challenged fans with guessing a song from several snippets.

In other gaming news, Unity’s merger with Ironsource has come under fire for Ironsource’s prior development of malware.