‘World Of Warcraft’ dev says “no work” is being done on the game following company lawsuit

"I find Activision’s corporate response wholly unacceptable. I don't stand by it, any of it."

A World Of Warcraft developer says that “no work” is being done on the game amid the Activision Blizzard lawsuit.

Activision Blizzard is currently facing a lawsuit filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing following accusations from employees who have said they’ve been the victim of “constant sexual harassment” in the workplace, along with many more allegations.

Activision Blizzard has denied the accusations, with the company executive, Fran Townsend, saying in an email sent to employees that the suit “presented a distorted and untrue picture of our company, including factually incorrect, old, and out of context stories.”


Senior System Designer for World Of Warcraft, Jeff Hamilton, has shared his thoughts on Twitter regarding the recent developments of the lawsuit saying that Activision’s statement “was terrible”.

“I believe strongly in equal treatment and equal protection,” Hamilton said in the Twitter thread. “Regardless of gender or race, everyone deserves a safe and supportive environment in which to work and live.

“It is clear that Human Resources has failed at this systemic protection… I am viscerally disgusted by the horrible trauma that has been inflicted upon my coworkers, friends, and colleagues… I find Activision’s corporate response wholly unacceptable. I don’t stand by it, any of it.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said. “I don’t have all the answers. I can tell you, almost no work is being done on World of Warcraft right now while this obscenity plays out. And that benefits nobody – not the players, not the developers, not the shareholders.”

The Twitter thread continues with Hamilton further adding that Activision’s response to the lawsuit is making the developers “unable to keep making a great game.”


Following the news, Blizzard president, J. Allen Brack, also sent out an email to staff addressing the allegations calling them “extremely troubling” and saying that he’d be “meeting with many of you to answer questions and discuss how we can move forward.”

Elsewhere, ex-Blizzard developer Chris Metzen released his own statement saying that “There is no excuse. We failed too many people when they needed us…”

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