‘World of Warcraft’ Great Vault has been fixed after dropping wrong loot

Fix introduced with a realm restart

World of Warcraft’s most recent patch caused a bug with the newly introduced Great Vault rewards. Activision has warned players not to open it.

World of Warcraft‘s Shadowlands expansion received its first major update recently, which introduced a new bug. Players who complete weekly activities have been able to open a chest called the Great Vault. However, since the update, players have noticed that the chest loot has been lower than it should have been.


World of Warcraft’s community manager Kaivax posted on the Blizzard forums saying, “Confirmed – we do indeed have a bug that we’ve not been able to immediately squash.” They added, “Fixing it is a top priority for us, and at this time, it’s advisable not to loot the Great Vault until it’s been fixed and is offering the correct items.”

Server resets called realm restarts frequently occur to ensure stability and introduce fixes to problems like this. A scheduled restart today has added a fix, and players can now open the Great Vault again. The loot appears to be dropping at the correct level.

The WarcraftDevs Twitter account tweeted that “With realm restarts in the Americas and Oceania region, the Great Vault is back and operating as intended. Thank you for your patience.”

The Great Vault had also been reported as invisible to some players. This bug appears to have also been fixed with the realm restart.

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