‘World Of Warships’ adds submarines to ranked battles in season four

Take the battle underwater later this week

World Of Warships, the naval free-to-play competitive MMO developed by Wargaming, has added submarines to its ranked multiplayer mode.

Submarines will enter ranked playlists in the upcoming 0.10.7 patch, which releases later this week (August 12). The submergible warships have been a part of World Of Warships for sometime, as the developers initially announced submarines in 2019.

Since then, submarines have gone through a number of testing periods with special servers and a submarine battle mode. Information gathered through each testing phase resulted in a final beta test earlier this year in May.


Submarines feature four diving levels for players to take advantage of alongside acoustic homing torpedoes and sonar ping mechanics. Existing ships in the game have been enhanced with anti-submarine weapons, including depth charges and defense aircraft.

Wargaming announced the full launch of the new ships in a blog post yesterday (August 9), stating that adding a new ship to the World Of Warships’ existing roster takes “extended testing by a wide and stable audience”. Players will have the opportunity to test out submarines in the game’s coop battles.

World Of Warships’ fourth season of ranked battles kicks off a week after the 0.10.7 update goes live. At the start of the season, players will be able to start using the submarine in ranked battles. However, there are some caveats to using the ship. Teams can only use two submarines at one time, and to stop long queues from forming, submarines will be rented to players free of charge through random armory bundles.

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