‘WWE 2K22’ removes MyFaction-exclusive community creations

The workaround is slowly being shut down

Players of WWE 2K22 recently found a way to get MyFaction-exclusive characters uploaded to the community creation section for use in the rest of the game, but 2K Games has started removing these wrestlers.

User “WhatsTheStatus”, a creator who has worked with 2K Games in the past, has been using a workaround to upload MyFaction characters to the community creation section. He has now noted that his creations are being removed and, as reported by VGC, said “Two creations got removed so take that as you will. My advice is to get everything you need because they might be all gone soon”.

A screenshot from WWE 2K22
WWE 2K22. Credit: Visual Concepts.


There are fighters exclusive to MyFaction mode that you cannot use across the game even when they are unlocked. These include Alexa Bliss (Goddess), The Rock (Dollar shirt version), The Godfather, Shawn Michaels (1997), and a few others.

One of the issues with playing these characters in other modes is that their clothing can be missing, forcing them to appear in their underwear.

The workaround allowed some of the exclusive models to be used in any mode by downloading them from the community creations section. WhatsTheStatus has uploaded plenty of other creations as well, such as Triple H, Nikki Cross, King Booker, and Shawn Michaels (02 NWO version), as well as these exclusive MyFaction superstars, and some were downloaded thousands of times.

WWE 2K22 has been fairly well received by fans and critics alike, which is the first time in a few years a WWE game has done well. In NME’s review, Ian Dransfield said “I had low expectations for WWE 2K22, but it seems Visual Concepts has been putting in the hours these past couple of years”.


In other news Fortnite has removed building from Chapter 3, Season 2, while also adding Doctor Strange into the game. Don’t panic, though, the building is only gone from certain modes.

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