WWE’s Zelina Vega will be a commentator in ‘Street Fighter 6’

Vega was competing at Royal Rumble, dressed as Juri Han, when her role in 'Street Fighter 6' was announced

Professional wrestler Zelina Vega, real name Thea Trinidad, will be appearing as a commentator in Capcom‘s upcoming fighting game Street Fighter 6.

Vega’s role in the game was announced at WWE’s Royal Rumble event on Saturday (January 28), where she entered the ring dressed as Street Fighter‘s Juri Han.

As part of Street Fighter 6‘s real-time commentary feature, Vega will offer colour commentary to players’ matches.


Additionally, Street Fighter developer Capcom has shared a clip of Street Fighter 6 with Vega’s commentary, which you can watch below.

“What an honour. I had happy tears tonight” wrote Vega after Royal Rumble, thanking Capcom and “everyone who made this nerd’s dream come true tonight.”

“One of the top female wrestlers in the world, a top tier commentator, and an avid fighting game fan, Thea Trinidad brings her 10+ years of pro wrestling experience to the world of Street Fighter,” reads her page on Street Fighter‘s website. “When she’s not breaking bones inside the ring, you can find her putting in that work in the gym or at home on her favorite game. If you’re lucky to see her live, you may even spot her doing a ninja run or two!”

A number of other stars have already been announced for Street Fighter 6‘s real-time commentary feature, including James Chen and Steve ‘TastySteve’ Scott. The fighting game will also feature several options for commentary in Japanese, provided by the likes of Kosuke Hiraiwa, Aru, and Demon Kakka.


Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to launch on June 2. We previewed the game back in October and found that with a slew of improvements, it’s looking to be “the best fighting game Capcom has ever made.”

In other gaming news, Terraria developer Re-Logic has shared that cross-play is “in the works” but “not guaranteed” just yet.

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