Xbox confirms two new expansion drives for the Xbox Series X|S

Both cheaper and more expensive options are coming soon

Xbox and Seagate have announced that the storage options for Xbox consoles are growing, with two new possibilities available.

Currently, the only way to increase the storage space on an Xbox Series X|S is to buy a 1TB expansion card for £219.99. However, Xbox and Seagate are releasing two new options for users to expand their storage.

The two new cards will add either 512GB of storage or a massive 2TB. Details aren’t available for pricing or release outside the US, but the 512GB version will cost £160 ($220) and will release in mid-November. The 2TB card will cost £320 ($440) and will be available in early December.


These expansion cards are proprietary and are the only way to increase the storage space of the consoles. There are no details on read and write speeds, but they are the only option for running Xbox Series X|S games. Xbox One and backwards compatible Xbox 360 games can be run from an external USB, but an SSD is required for the more up to date titles.

In a blog post last year, the director of program management, Jason Ronald, explained why the proprietary drives are so expensive.

“The Xbox Velocity Architecture is at the core of our next generation consoles. In addition to providing a massive leap in performance and reduction in load times, the Xbox Velocity Architecture provides the foundation for new levels of innovation and transformative game design and experiences. At the heart of the Xbox Velocity Architecture is our custom NVME SSD to store and play all your games at their best.”

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