Xbox Free Play Days lets players try three games from now until Sunday

Hunt: Showdown, Judgement, and Blood Bowl 2 available to try

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold members will have the opportunity to play three games until Sunday with discounts available.

Xbox Free Play Days is a service that allows players to try out games with no restrictions. To gain access to the games, users must have an Xbox Live Gold or a Game Pass Ultimate membership. If players enjoy the games they try, then they can purchase the full version for a discount.

Today Hunt: Showdown, Judgement, and Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition are available to play. The event ends on Sunday, September 19.


Hunt: Showdown is a pvpve first-person shooter from Crytek. Players take control of legendary monster hunters who must venture into cursed swampland to kill nightmarish creatures and claim the bounties from them.

Each hunter comes with their own weapons and skills and improve as they complete hunts. However, if they are killed, then their gear and stats are lost forever. All of the weapons in the game take inspiration from real-world gear from the early 1900s but with a monster-hunting twist.

Hunt: Showdown is available for the reduced price of £15.74 for the duration of the event.

Blood Bowl 2 is based on the tabletop game and allows players to take control of a fantasy football team with an emphasis on fantasy. American football gets merged with the creatures and people of Game’s Workshops Warhammer fantasy universe. All actions in the game rely on dice rolls, and long campaigns can be seriously affected by a single bad roll.

The standard edition of Blood Bowl 2 is available for £3.19.


Judgement is an action-adventure game from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. The story follows a private detective as he investigates a serial murder. The game is set in the same fictional district of Tokyo as the Yakuza franchise but has a different style and tone to the series. The game features two fighting styles for players to switch between. There is also an investigation mode that allows players to search a scene for clues and evidence. Judgement is only available to try on Xbox Series X|S and does not have a discount available.

Elsewhere, God Of War: Ragnarok will end the Norse story because the developers didn’t want to spend 15 years on one storyline.


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