Xbox Game Pass for PC is now called PC Game Pass

What's in a name?

Microsoft has rebranded its Xbox Game Pass for PC service to just PC Game Pass, potentially making things sound less confusing.

Previously, Microsoft has included Xbox in the name of all its services. Despite offering both Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for PC players, it can sound confusing for new players and subscribers. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, for instance, offers access to both Xbox and PC game libraries along with Xbox Live Gold but the name does not necessarily suggest that PC gamers get anything out of it.

Now, it will simply be called PC Game Pass. Even the Twitter account devoted to Xbox Game Pass for PC is delighted, renaming itself to PC Game Pass. It declared “we heard a rumor that we’re changing our logo and name. The rumor is true”. Because, yes, there’s a new logo involved too.


PC Game Pass will continue to work like Xbox Game Pass for PC worked before. Microsoft also used the time of its announcement at The Games Awards to list some upcoming games coming to the service on day one.

These include –

More games are also due for arrival in the future but not on day one. These are Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, Trek to Yomi, and an unannounced game from Hugecalf Studios. The unannounced game looks to be a golf game with a difference according to the Hugecalf Studios site.

In other gaming news, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League got its first gameplay trailer at The Games Awards last night.

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