Xbox Game Pass for September includes ‘Sable’ and ‘Skatebird’

Five games are also leaving the subscription service soon

13 games are set to join Xbox Game Pass over the rest of September alongside some extra perks for games already on the service.

Everything coming and going was announced via an Xbox Wire post, with plenty of titles coming to PC, Xbox consoles and the cloud. You can find all the dates and games below:

September 15

  • Flynn: Son Of Crimson (Cloud, Console, PC) – a 2D pixel art platformer with a giant mythological dog creature that serves as your companion

September 16

  • I Am Fish (Cloud, Console, PC) – from the same team behind I Am Bread comes another physics based title except this time players need to help four fish make their way to the ocean
  • Skatebird (Cloud, Console, PC) – a game all about birds that can skateboard, where everything is brought down to their level to create a much calmer skating experience
  • Superliminal (Cloud, Console, PC) – a first-person puzzle game based around perspective and optical illusions

SkateBIRD. Credit: Glass Bottom Games

September 17

  • Aragami 2 (Cloud, Console, PC) – a third-person stealth game where players control the shadows in order to get the upper hand

September 23

  • Lost Words: Beyond The Page (Cloud, Console, PC) – a narrative adventure game from Rhianna Pratchett that has players literally going through the pages of a diary
  • Sable (Cloud, Console, PC) – a 3D adventure game that sees Sable go on her Gliding, a rite of passage that will see her solving puzzles, using her hoverbike, and understanding the lands inhabitants
  • Subnautica: Below Zero (Cloud, Console, PC) – the survival game returns, except this time Planet 4546B is a lot colder than it was last time, so players will still need to craft, build a base, and survive
  • Tainted Grail: Conquest (PC) – a cross between a roguelike and an RPG with deck building elements set on the mythical island of Avalon

Sable. Credit: Shedworks

September 28

  • Lemnis Gate (Console, PC) – a turn based FPS multiplayer game that sees players playing four-dimensional battles against one another

September 30

  • Astria Ascending (Cloud, Console, PC) – a turn-based JRPG with hand drawn 4K visuals
  • Unsighted (Console, PC) – a pixel art adventure in the vein of Hyper Light Drifter where players need to fight and upgrade while playing through non-linear objectives

October 1

  • Phoenix Point (Console) – Optimised for Xbox Series X|S, this title from the creator of XCOM is a strategy game that sees players fighting off an alien invasion

A couple of DLCs and updates are also available on Xbox Game Pass starting today (September 14) through Game Pass, as Gears 5 gets operation 8 drop 2, which adds four characters and two new multiplayer maps. Dead By Daylight: Hellraiser Chapter is also available at ten per cent off for Game Pass subscribers.

Five games are also leaving the service on September 30 including Drake HollowIkenfellNight In The WoodsKathy Rain and Warhammer Vermintide II.

In other news, Hideki Kamiya has said that companies need to be doing better in regards to game preservation, saying that “the responsibility for keeping those games available belongs to the company that owns the IP.”

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