Xbox Game Studios wants to make more PlayStation-style blockbusters

Big games with big production values are on Booty's mind

Xbox Game Studios boss, Matt Booty, has explained he wants the publisher to improve at making the type of blockbuster games that PlayStation is best known for.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, and transcribed by VGC, Booty talked about how Xbox Game Studios is focused on creating a diverse software portfolio. He acknowledged how “the cool thing about Game Pass is that it’s got room for everything from Halo to smaller games like Grounded.”

Despite being delighted with that focus however, Booty also pointed out the tremendous progress made by Sony when it comes to delivering AAA experiences. “First, just to bring it up, hats off to Sony and their studio system and the leaders that they’ve got there, I mean it’s fantastic,” he explained.


“You can’t argue with the quality and the craft and the games that they’ve delivered, that they’re working on now and the stuff that we’ve seen so far, so just kudos and hats off to them.”

Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West. Credit: Guerrilla Games

Continuing, Booty explained that “I think that there’s a certain kind of game that generates an anticipation that kind of becomes this big tentpole moment, it’s a game that fits that intersection that everybody can play and it’s also a big world that you feel like you can inhabit, and I think those kinds of games are important.”

He cited the likes of Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn as significant moments explaining that while he didn’t want to “necessarily get into ‘what’s our Uncharted? What’s our Horizon Zero Dawn?”, it was worth considering “what are those game that have got universal themes, that have got a big world that people want to get lost in, that have really well realised characters and really high production values?”

Crucially, Booty stated that such games are “absolutely what we want to go after.”

While no specific names were mentioned, Booty acknowledged something that Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently mentioned in an interview – that “Xbox is growing” and far from done.


Recently, it was discovered that Xbox Game Pass has seen growth of 37.48 per cent although that number was lower than Microsoft’s original aim of 47.79.