Xbox head on ZeniMax and Bethesda: “Our plan is to leave it alone”

“Our goal is to make ZeniMax the best ZeniMax they can be”

Microsoft will apparently not meddle with the affairs of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks, following its acquisition of the companies.

In an interview with CNBC, Xbox chief Phil Spencer talked about the tech giant’s record-breaking US$7.5billion acquisition of gaming titan ZeniMax Media – the parent company of several video game studios, including Bethesda Softworks – and what it will mean for the company moving forward.

Although Spencer did not reveal specifics about the acquisition, he did note that Microsoft will not meddle with ZeniMax, be it through staff cuts or its development process. “Our plan is to leave it alone. ZeniMax has an amazing track record of building great games,” he said.


“Our goal is to make ZeniMax the best ZeniMax they can be, working individually with their studios on the great platform technology that we have, getting their creators’ feedback into the things that we need to go build.”

Check out the interview below.

In a separate interview with CNET, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that the company is keeping its options open to purchase more studios in the future. “We’ll always look for places where there is that commonality of purpose, mission, and culture. We will always look to grow inorganically where it makes sense,” he said.

In the same interview, Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax is more about securing content. “Content is just the incredible ingredient to our platform that we continue to invest in,” Spencer said. “This doubles the size of our creative organization.”


Microsoft previously confirmed that it will honour Bethesda’s existing deals with Sony. Two of the developer’s upcoming games, Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo, are set to be timed exclusives on the PS5 first, before arriving on the Xbox platform at a later date.

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