Xbox is working on improving video capture quality as a “priority”

"It is definitely a priority for us"

Xbox‘s director of program management, Jason Ronald, has explained that the company prioritises the quality of video capture on Xbox Series X|S.

Speaking on the Iron Lords podcast and originally spotted by VGC, Ronald was asked whether the company plans to work on the console’s Game DVR (in-game video recording) functionality.

He answered, “I will definitely say that Game DVR is the one area – the capture and share experience – that I wish we were able to make more progress [on] this year than we were able to,” continuing that “it is definitely a priority for us”.


Explaining progress so far, Ronald appreciated that more work needed to be done for video recording. “We have made some changes, and we have made some improvements to the reliability and the quality of the captures, but we know we still have work to do here,” he noted.

Presumably, with an eye to the future, Ronald also encouraged users to sign up to the Xbox beta program Xbox Insider to gain access to new features faster. “You know, the best thing I can recommend is if you’re not in the [Xbox] Insider rings, get on the Insider rings, so that as we bring new capabilities and improvements, we want that feedback to know where we’re meeting the bar, and where we’re not meeting the bar,” he explained.

He concluded by stating that “it will definitely be a priority for 2022”.

Back in January, Ronald previously stated on Twitter that the team was working on several improvements, but there was nothing to share just yet.

During the Iron Lords podcast, Ronald also discussed why Xbox can’t bring more old games to the current generation and how Xbox will look at making their games forward compatible in the future.


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