Xbox on next-gen pricing: “We’ll let you all know when we’re ready”

“I understand everyone is excited to know and people want to plan purchases“

With the Xbox Series X set to release sometime over the next few months, fans are still left waiting on pre-order information, which Microsoft says it will reveal when it’s ready.

On Twitter, a fan noted to Xbox On presenter Samuel Bateman that he “find[s] it a bit crazy that nether Xbox or PlayStation have revealed prices yet when the consoles are about 2 months away,” adding that “people gotta know what they gonna be paying”.
Bateman later addressed the fan’s concerns, acknowledging that fans are excited and want to be able to plan ahead. However, he also stated that news will be shared when Microsoft is ready. “I understand everyone is excited to know and people want to plan purchases etc,” Bateman said. “We’ll let you all know when we’re ready”.

You can read the full Twitter exchange below:


Bateman reiterated his point later in a tweet to another fan: “If I could tell you I would. Like I said, when we’re ready, we’ll tell you.”

Xbox is scheduled to make an appearance and open the Tokyo Game Show later this month (September). The presentation is said to have no next-gen news and instead will focus on celebrating Japanese games and creators with updates on games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and Minecraft.

A release date for the Xbox Series X seemingly leaked last month (August) and suggested the console could be hitting shelves on November 6.