Xbox Series X|S could be getting a cheaper storage expansion card soon

A report claims a 500GB card could be an alternative to the existing 1TB card

A new Seagate storage card could be coming for Xbox Series X|S offering smaller storage capacity at a more affordable price.

According to French website Xbox Squad (thanks, VGC), a new 500GB version of the expansion card is reportedly being sold to suppliers for €125.71 (£107.22) before tax. The site suggests the retail price could be between €149-169 (£127-£144).

The site also claimed to have seen a screenshot of an internal listing from French retailer Micromania, listing the 500GB card for €154.99 (£132) with a release date of November 14.


Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S
Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S. Image credit: Microsoft

If true, then this would prove to be a more affordable alternative to expanding the Xbox Series X|S storage compared to the US$220 / £220 price tag for the current 1TB card made. Storage cards manufactured by official partner Seagate are the only way to expand Xbox Series X|S storage capacity.

While it is possible save and run backwards compatible Xbox One and Xbox 360 games from an external HDD or SSD drive, it’s not possible to run Series X|S games as their read/write speeds are slower than the console’s internal SSD, although it is possible to save these games in cold storage.

A Chinese modder has however claimed that it is possible convert non-proprietary SSDs into an external Xbox Series X|S expansion card (thanks again, VGC).

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