Xbox’s final Adidas sneakers collab has launched

Power Your Feet

Microsoft and Adidas’ final sneaker collab has been launched, and it’s available worldwide.

The new Adidas Forum Tech Boost is themed after the Xbox Series X, and unlike the previously released sneakers in the series, they’re on sale worldwide.

“With design inspired by the fastest, most powerful Xbox console ever, the Xbox Series X, the silhouette is a bold start in jet-black, amped further with pops of neon green and tech-driven details,”  said James Monosmith, senior sales & marketing manager, Xbox Consumer Products.


Giving more insight into the design, Monosmith went on to say:

“To pay homage to our anniversary in a unique way, we drew additional design inspiration from the Xbox 20th Anniversary Wireless Controller Special Edition. Mirroring the grips on the controller, the shoe features a green heel and translucent sole, pulling directly from the shell of the controller. And as a final touch to celebrate this moment, there is a small Xbox 20th Anniversary logo tucked inside on the sock liner.”

“The design is a nod to the Xbox Series X, a platform to experience 20 years of Xbox while also pushing technology to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. Draped in black netting against a green liner, the inside of the shoe resembles the iconic green vents of the Xbox Series X. The sneaker also includes our modern Xbox sphere logo with subtle highlights, to represent our console power button and the elegant style of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.”

The shoes can be purchased for £110 / $140 and are still currently in stock in major UK retailers at the time of publication. The previous shoes in the line, paying tribute to the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, were only released in US territories.


In other news,  first appearing on Kickstarter back in 2015 anticipated indie game ‘Little Devil Inside’ seems set for late 2022 release. A date hasn’t been officially announced but eagle-eyed fans spotted “winter 2022” on a PlayStation post.