xCloud update brings 120FPS Xbox Series X streaming to some games

The update also includes expanded graphical options

Microsoft has added Xbox Series X support for a number of games on its xCloud streaming platform, including Rainbow Six Siege.

The Verge’s senior editor Tom Warren tweeted the hardware upgrades yesterday, showing how Yakuza: Like A Dragon had new graphics options.


The new features include improved graphical options across a handful of games. Rainbow Six Siege also now has support for 120FPS gaming, which makes the experience feel and look smoother.

xCloud works by streaming games over the internet. For a monthly fee, players can use their phones, tablets or web browsers to stream games. The games are run locally on a machine, and players can then access that game from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Xbox Series X performance boost also increases loading times, as DIRT 5, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and Rainbow Six Siege all load faster than they did before. The faster loading times are a possibility due to the Xbox Series X’s CPU, which does a better job of decompressing data than the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft has not officially announced the new features, but it provided a statement to IGN who reached out for comment: “We’re continuously testing new features and making improvements to create a better Xbox Cloud Gaming experience. We’ll have more to share soon about the upgrades we’re making to our Microsoft Datacenters.”

Microsoft announced earlier this week that Kim Swift, the lead designer behind Portal, will join the studio to develop games for the cloud. Swift will work with Microsoft to develop games exclusively for the xCloud streaming service.


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