‘XCOM’-inspired ‘UFO2: Extraterrestrials’ released following 11-year delay

Better late than never

XCOM-inspired tactical RPG UFO2: Extraterrestrials has finally released on Steam following an 11-year delay.

Originally set to release late in 2010, developer Chaos Concept delayed the game. The initial delay was for just over a year, as the developers planned to release UFO2 during 2012.

Fans waiting at the time likely didn’t expect the game would take eleven years to finish.


The game launched yesterday (June 15) on Steam for £27.79. UFO2 features 2D tactical gameplay that is similar to XCOM. In the game, players are tasked with defending earth from an alien invasion.

UFO2 has three primary styles of gameplay: geoscape, tactical missions, and base management.

Geoscape tasks players with controlling an aircraft in real time while repelling alien forces. Players can also create new bases, build defences and upgrade weapons through the geoscape hub.

Tactical missions are described as an “essential part of the game” which will take players on investigative missions to locate and kill alien forces.

Base management involves players building and improving a main base, similar to XCOM games. Players can build new facilities, defences and create new units that can be used in-game. UFO2 also enables players to research new technology in bases.

Reviews for the title are mixed so far with some players praising the XCOM style gameplay, while others criticise how outdated the game feels.


The developer has been tight-lipped about the reasoning for the delay. However, one member of the development team simply stated “MONEY ?” in response to a fan’s query.

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