‘Yakuza’ creator details plans for Nagoshi Studio

"What we’re good at and what the world expects from us is games with dramatic and moving stories"

Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator of the Yakuza series, has shared information on how his new company, Nagoshi Studio, will approach making games.

In a recent interview with IGN Japan, Nagoshi explained the decision to leave SEGA and the Yakuza series behind and form his own new studio.

“Well, when the team and I decided to start a new studio, we knew we’d be leaving the content we had previously been working on behind,” Nagoshi said. “But I also have a strong mental attitude and a lot of ideas I would like to try, which could even surpass my previous work, so I was confident that leaving the old series behind will afford the chance to try new things.”


Nagoshi wouldn’t share any details of the studio’s debut title but did share some of the inspirations and goals. “We are influenced by movies and are interested in creating games that offer a high level of human drama,” he continued. “That’s what we find fun. Just as before, I hope to create games in that vein that can reach a global audience.”

He added, “You won’t find us making, like, smartphone puzzle games or whatever. Those games are fun, but what we’re good at and what the world expects from us is games with dramatic and moving stories, and that’s what we want to make. So that’s where our focus is.”

It was also shared that Nagoshi will keep the new studio small. Currently, there are around ten staff members, and the team will never grow beyond 100 members. As a result, the studio will mainly focus on one project at a time.

“We haven’t decided how many projects to produce at once. But the studio will have a compact number of staff, which means it would be difficult to focus on several games at a time. So there are limitations,” Nagoshi said. “It’s possible that we will work on an extra project in tandem, but the basic idea is to work on one idea and put all of our energy into it, to release a first game that is strong and that is well received.”

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