You can have sex in ‘Final Fantasy XIV’, provided it’s in private

/squats to your heart's content, as long as it's with a consenting party.

Square Enix has confirmed players are allowed to take part in erotic roleplay in Final Fantasy XIV – as long as it’s private and consensual.

The publisher has released updated guidelines for Final Fantasy XIV which highlight the rules around prohibited activity in the MMORPG for all players.

The guidelines touch on communication-based conflict, harassment, as well as real-money trading that may impact the game and its players.


One rule that Square addressed is that of ERP, commonly known as erotic roleplay in the MMO community, confirming that it is allowed provided it’s a consensual and private activity.

“In the case of role-playing involving mildly sexual expressions (such as erotic role-playing) with a consenting group of two or more players, if it is conducted in a private area, it will not be considered a violation unless a report is made,” Square Enix explained.

The publisher noted that expressions of an “obscene/indecent nature are prohibited” — this applies to emotes that can be spammed to mimic sexual activity such as “grinding against another character”.

The new rules also mention that any form of aggressive behaviour, such as violent language, slander, insults, and threats are strictly prohibited, along with any form of offensive activity.

In the same post, Square Enix also confirmed that player-driven advertisements in the game that offer players help to clear content is banned. The guidelines indicate that “it is prohibited to advertise using the Party Finder to offer help to clear duties or obtain items” and any activity related to this will result in a ban of both parties.


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