You can now pet a dog in ‘Valheim’ with “Goodest Boy” mod

Howl at the moon

Iron Gate’s viking survival sim Valheim packs a lot into its ethereal world, but pet dogs aren’t one of its delights. Thankfully, a new mod corrects that oversight, allowing players to earn their way into Valhalla with a faithful canine companion.

The “Goodest Boy” mod is created by OdinPlus Team (as spotted by PC Games N) and introduces both dogs and rabbits to the open-world game. The mod’s creators describe it as:

“Rabbits have invaded the meadows, they are eating all the berries and just being complete pests. What can we do? Well, never fear, GoodestBoy is here.
Find your ‘BestestDog’ roaming in the BlackForest when raining, lost, wet, scared, alone and looking for treats….”


Valheim mountains update
Valheim. Credit: Iron Gate

Like most creatures in Valheim, dogs will need to be tamed before players can start making digital pupper memes with them. This requires giving them two new items also introduced by the mod, YummyBones & BestestStick, which must be crafted from other items found in-game.

OdinPlus Team says “the BestestDog loves these things and will tame pretty quick once finding them and be your forever friend.” For added cuteness, when a tamed dog is happy, it will carry its own BestestStick around with it.

You can download the “Goodest Boy” mod here. Players are advised that they will also need the latest copy of Bepinex – a modding framework – and that the mod is required on both the server and client for the game in order to be able to meet the crafting requirements of YummyBone and BestestStick. Still, it’s a small amount of work to be able to navigate the viking afterlife with man’s best friend.

In other news, PlatinumGames has set a February 2022 launch date for its retro-styled vertically scrolling arcade shooter Sol Cresta. The game is a sequel to 1980’s Moon Cresta and 1985’s Terra Cresta – and was considered so unlikely that fans thought its announcement in 2020 was an April Fools’ joke.

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