You can now play ‘Doom’ on Twitter

Kill demons on the hellsite

The seminal first-person shooter Doom can now be played on Twitter.

id Software‘s influential game has had a reputation among its community for being able to run on just about any kind of hardware, from pianos to printers.

As reported in PC Gamer, Doom is now playable on the massive social media platform via the Tweet2Doom bot, which simulates keyboard inputs by sending valid tweets to the bot, which generates a “new game state”.


To start a new game, users must reply-tweet “/play x,,e,,e,,e,,50-,50-u,15-f”.

As the bot converts each tweet into a gameplay video that’s sent back to the user, it’s slower than playing the game with real-time inputs, but each valid tweet can also be extended through further replies so that a gameplay session can be extended across tweet threads.

While it sounds as maddening as a session Twitch Plays – where users attempt to play through a game by typing in input commands in the chat – one Twitter user has been able to carefully navigate the first level of Doom via Tweet2Doom.

When the community isn’t finding different ways to run Doom, the modding scene remains heavily active. This includes a first-person version of Sega Mega Drive classic Golden Axe, and Thatcher’s Techbase, the mod that lets players kill former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.


Elsewhere, a YouTuber has created the first real-life rideable Minecraft pig, dubbed the “Hamburghini”, which can travel up to 20mph and is controlled by a carrot on a stick.