You can now play ‘Halo’ themed ‘Solitaire’ and ‘Mahjong’ for some reason

Something to do while you're waiting for Halo Infinite

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now includes a Halo themed deck, and is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Released to celebrate 20 years of Halo, the clash of two Microsoft titans was announced this week, and changes both the front and backs of the Solitaire cards to make them in keeping with the Halo theme.


The theme was developed by Halo dev 343 Industries, and will also be coming to Microsoft Mahjong on mobile, integrating Halo characters with classic game themes.

Both the Mahjong and Solitaire themed Halo skins are free to use, and gives fans something to do while they wait for the release of Halo Infinite.

In related news, seasonal updates for Halo: The Master Chief Collection are set to change once Halo Infinite launches later this year.

“As we look ahead to later this year and beyond, we expect some changes to occur around how and when we deliver future updates to MCC,” publishing team lead producer Michael Fahrny said. “While the MCC and Halo Infinite teams are generally separate entities, we do have overlap when it comes to shared areas like services, support, community, and more.”

The multiplayer preview beta for Halo Infinite is due to launch on September 24, allowing registered Halo Insiders to participate.


Brian Jarrad, Community Director for Halo Infinite, said on Twitter that he hoped fans would “push our services and infrastructure so things will fall down during the preview instead of in December”.

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