You can now see which of your Steam games are Steam Deck compatible

Each game is either verified, playable, unsupported or untested

Valve has released an online tool to help players quickly find out which games in their Steam library are Steam Deck compatible.

With the portable PC release right around the corner, Valve has streamlined how players can find out the compatibility of their library on the Steam Deck. Whilst Valve is going to be testing “new titles constantly and [will] continue past launch,” this acts as a simple way for players to figure out if their favourite games work on the Steam Deck.

As outlined in this blog post, games in each player’s library are given a compatibility rating, revealing if a game is Steam Deck verified, playable (may require extra work), unsupported  or untested.


Steam Deck Credit: Valve
Steam Deck developer’s kit Credit: Valve

By signing in at this link, users can see the compatibility list of their own Steam library. A full list of verified games and details can also be found here.

Valve has already been very open and supportive with fans about the upcoming portable, as the company recently released all the files for its shell. This means anyone can 3D print their own shell, or use the files to design personal accessories and use these with their Steam Deck. By law these personal projects cannot be sold for commercial gain, but they can still be used.

For those looking to expand their library with Steam Deck verified games in the near future, changes are coming from March regarding how discounts work on the platform. The absolute maximum value of a discount will be capped at 90 per cent, with the minimum at 10 per cent.

In other news, Bethesda is retiring its own game launcher, and will be transferring relevant player save data, in-game currency and games to Steam.

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