You can play ‘Star Citizen’ for free for the next week

The Free Fly Event is open to current, returning, and new players who register

There may not be an end in sight for the development of Star Citizen but Cloud Imperium Games is letting players try the space simulation game for free.

Starting on August 18 and running until August 27, current, returning and new players will be able to participate in Star Citizen‘s Free Fly Event.

According to the official website, the event is an opportunity for players to “check out the ‘verse and explore to their heart’s content. This Free Fly event will allow all players to check out six iconic ships which will be made available to all players during this event.”


The ships available in this event include the RSI Aurora MR, the CNOU Mustang Alpha, the MISC Prospector, the Origin 100i, the Anvil Arrow, and the Mercury Star Runner.

New players are required to register in order to access to the event. As well as with current and returning players, they will also need to input the Free Fly code: GETINTOTHEVERSE

Star Citizen has had a decade-long development, with still no release date confirmed. During this time, it has raised over US$300 million in crowdfunding as of June 2020, while also receiving US$63.25 million worth of external funding as of March 2020.

A single-player spin-off, Squadron 42, has also been in the works, originally due to release in 2014, but was last delayed in December 2020, with the game’s director Chris Roberts saying it will not be rushed “just to make a date”.


Elsewhere, a new investigation video alleges that Roblox is exploiting young game developers.

The report from People Make Games reveals how the game creation platform encourages its users, the majority under the age of 16, to make and monetize experiences to “earn serious money”, although the platform’s processes make success far from easy.

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