Your Shop returns to ‘League Of Legends’ with big sales and buggy launch

It might not be Your Shop anymore

League Of Legends has brought back the Your Shop feature, however, a major bug is causing players to only receive one discounted skin offer.

Update: a post from Riot Support FR claims: “If you only see one skin available in your Custom Store, fear not, we’re working on it to fix it. Thank you for your patience!”

As of writing this, League Of Legends has now removed the option for Your Shop on many clients.


“We have just withdrawn it while we fix the problem,” said Riot Support FR (via Twitter).

Original story:

Your Shop is a chance for League Of Legends players to receive steep skin sales for champions that they’ve played more than others and is usually a moment of excitement as fans share what sales they’ve got.

The system considers which champions are a player’s “favourite” and then offers random discounts on six different skins – some of which can no longer be bought elsewhere – for these champions.

This time around, many players are reporting that their usual six skin offers have been reduced to just one. It’s unclear if this is a bug or a change in the way Your Shop now works, though a message on the client states: “Fewer than six offers are shown if most eligible content has already been unlocked”.


Riot has yet to confirm whether this change is intentional or the result of a bug but players on Twitter are already voicing their dissatisfaction with the situation and are hoping for a resolution. We will update this story with any further details.

In other news, Ratchet and Clank are coming to Fall Guys as part of a limited-time event.