YouTuber calls on Nintendo to officially release music after being hit with 500 copyright strikes

"There's no reason these soundtracks should have to disappear forever"

YouTuber DeoxysPrime has received a huge swathe of copyright strikes from Nintendo, forcing him to remove over a dozen soundtracks from his channel.

Taking to Twitter, DeoxyPrime wrote: “Effective immediately I will be removing all Nintendo music from my channel. With 500+ claims and more than a dozen soundtracks blocked over the last week it’s pretty clear they don’t want their music on YouTube.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with this issue on my channel but it will be the last. I’m sorry to everyone who enjoys their music but I don’t have much choice,” they added.


“I have no intention of deleting my channel and the rest of my non-Nintendo soundtracks will remain up for the foreseeable future. It’s frustrating but as I’ve said before it’s ultimately their choice to have their music blocked on the platform,” they continued.

“Best of luck to anyone still holding out having Nintendo music on YouTube. So many of those soundtracks have never gotten official releases. But like how bigger channels than mine have gotten hit before eventually those who take their place will end up like this too.”

The 500 copyright strikes against his channel include the soundtracks for every 3D Mario game alongside a variety of soundtracks from Super Smash Bros., Pokémon and Mario Kart.

On their channel, DeoxyPrime said: “As a general reminder, if you do see any soundtracks on my channel removed, it’s always safe to assume it was for copyright reasons. Be respectful of their right to do this but also please continue to push Nintendo to release their music in official formats, because there’s no reason these soundtracks should have to disappear forever.”


Earlier this year, GilvaSunner deleted their channel after receiving over 1300 strikes against their channel.

They too had asked Nintendo to “please put your soundtracks on Spotify and/or other music streaming services,” in 2019. “Namco, Square, Capcom and others have already seen the light, when will you?” but as it stands, it’s still impossible to legally listen to a bulk of Nintendo’s music outside of their games.

However weeks after deleting his channel, Pokémon launched an official sound library of tracks from the original Diamond & Pearl games, free for fans to download and use.

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