Youtuber ZHC spends 10 hours customising 10-foot £50k PS5

It even came with a matching DualShock controller

YouTuber ZHC recently purchased the world’s biggest PS5 console, and spent 100 hours customising it in a new video.

ZHC uploaded a video featuring his new PS5, complete with a giant DualShock controller. The massive console weighs in at 500 pounds, stands at 10-foot tall, and cost ZHC $70,000 (just over £50.5k).


In the video, ZHC shows off the PS5’s capabilities, assuring viewers that it does in fact work. He is seen controlling games with a palm on each joystick, showing the potential for a group of people to join in, even on a singleplayer game.

The purpose of the giant PS5 was for its starring role in a charity competition, with ZHC facing off against a team of artists to create the best custom artwork for each face of the machine.

After 100 hours of painting, the winning team would win a huge bundle of PS5 consoles. “Obviously they only need one each,” explains ZHC on the video, “so the rest of these will be going to Children in Need.”

In addition, if the artists created a better custom design, he would give away the 10-foot PS5 to a random person. Levelling the playing field against these artists meant that ZHC was allowed to distract the artists with mini-challenges that they were required to complete before continuing with the painting.

By the end of the video, both sides were covered in detailed patterns and set before a panel of judges. ZHC went with an outer-space theme, while the art group opted for under the sea. The finale featured even more paint, as the losing team was covered in bright green goo.