Zedd has teamed up with ‘Valorant’ for their first ever skin collaboration

Zedd has also worked on the sound design for SPECTRUM

Valorant has announced a collaboration with EDM producer Zedd, as they will be working together on a line of skins and accompanying music.

Announcing the collaboration via a keynote speech (which is embedded below), Zedd introduced SPECTRUM as “a collection of weaponised colour and sound that elevates the way you experience the game, taking you from a player to a performer”.

The SPECTRUM bundle includes skins for the Phantom, Guardian, Bulldog and Classic weapons, as well as for the knife melee weapon. Each skin has three variant colours and is upgradable. The package goes live tomorrow (Wednesday September 8).


According to Polygon, the bundle will cost 10,700 Valorant Points. As it stands, you can buy 12,000 Valorant Points for £99.99 (or 11,000 points for $99.99 in the US according to the Valorant wiki).

“SPECTRUM is more than just a collection, it’s an expression,” continued Zedd, who has worked with the Valorant sound team on every aspect of the audio element. “Together, we’ve created a soundscape that’s cool, balanced, inspiring, and just satisfying.”

Speaking to Billboard about the project, Zedd said: “At no point did we think, Let’s just slap my logo on this. It’s a little cringe-worthy when I see certain collaborations that just don’t make any sense. At some point, I decided to only do things that I’m passionate about, and this is one of those collaborations where — because I know the game so well — I know exactly what I want the guns to feel, sound and look like.”

This isn’t the first collaboration Zedd has had with Riot Games either. Back in 2016, he produced the track ‘Ignite’ which soundtracked the League of Legends World Championship.


In other news, any perspective Valorant cheaters are going to have a hard time if they upgrade their PCs to run Windows 11. Because of how its Trusted Platform Module uses data, Valorant‘s Vanguard anti-cheat software is capable of banning computers, not just the offending accounts.

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