Gareth Edwards discusses ‘Godzilla’ remake

'No-one will do anything but the right thing,' says director

Gareth Edwards, director of 2010 cult sci-fi hit Monsters, has discussed his plans for the reboot of Godzilla.

The British filmmaker secured the directing job last year, and has now discussed his earliest memories of the iconic monster.

He told “I guess I will say I’m highly aware – and everyone involved is incredibly aware – of everyone’s opinions on what this film has to do and what it has to be”.

He continued, perhaps in reference to Roland Emmerich‘s reboot in 1998: “No-one will do anything but the right thing. Without addressing anything specific, everyone knows how important it is to get it right.”

Edwards says he became a fan of the Japanese franchise as a child, and so is excited to convert the story for a Western audience.

“My earliest memories was Channel 4, they showed them every Friday night,” he recalled. “As a kid I wasn’t quite sure about the dubbing, the English-dubbed versions. They threw me for a bit.”

He added: “I call them B-movies but they’re not, but I love ’60s and ’70s sci-fi. But these would come on and be dubbed and it would take my kid brain to adjust to the dubbing. It took me some time to get through that.”

Edwards‘ interpretation of Godzilla could be released next year.