Behold! The Gareth Southgate Christmas jumper is here

He's an absolute snack, remember

A Christmas jumper that celebrates Gareth Southgate’s famous World Cup waistcoats has gone on sale.

In July, NME‘s El Hunt declared that the England manager is a “snack”, and that his collection of £65 Marks & Spencer waistcoats suggested that he is “a man of the people”.

Now, fans can feel that little bit closer to the man who made the country believe that football was coming home.


The jumper features an illustration of a waistcoat and a tie, similar to the attire styled by Southgate throughout the tournament this summer. It’s made by Not Just and costs £34.99.

Elsewhere in NME’s love letter to Southgate, our writer commented: “You can just imagine Gareth Southgate, in the run up to the World Cup, thinking to himself ‘Cor, Mumford & Sons look well dapper in those waistcoats, don’t they?’ and popping into Marks and Sparks on a whim.

“You can imagine him doing a little tiny fist pump at the realisation that his favourite waistcoat in the whole shop is not only modestly priced and equipped with special Button Safe™ heat-proof buttons; it has hexagonal lining which looks a bit like a football! You can imagine him nervously test-wearing his waistcoat to training, and asking his lads “I know it’s a daring look, but do you think I can pull it off?”