Gary Barlow’s cameo in ‘The Last Jedi’ revealed

The Take That singer confirmed that he had a small role in the new Star Wars film back in March

Gary Barlow‘s uncredited cameo in the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, appears to have been revealed.

The Take That singer confirmed back in March that he’d been given a small part in the movie, which was released in the UK on December 14. Barlow only disclosed that he wasn’t a Stormtrooper, unlike James Bond actor Daniel Craig was in the previous film, The Force Awakens.

The nature of Barlow’s cameo in The Last Jedi now seems to have been revealed by Gareth Edwards, who directed the Star Wars anthology spin-off Rogue One.


Speaking in a new interview with Fantha Tracks, Edwards – who also had an uncredited cameo in the film – said that Barlow appears in The Last Jedi towards the end of the movie as a resistance soldier in the battle scene on the mineral planet, Crait.

Primary cast and crew members of The Last Jedi

“I got this email through my assistant and it said ‘ok, it’s time for your cameo, it’s on this date, you’ve got to go’, so I went and didn’t know what was going on,” Edwards recalled about filming his Last Jedi cameo at Pinewood. “It was really interesting, a pretty good learning experience because I suddenly realised what the extras feel like on your film.

“I got there and obviously they probably briefed everyone, but I got there late, so they were like ‘stand there, put this on’. I went into this trench and I had no idea what was going on, and I looked to my right and it’s Gary Barlow. I think his wife or girlfriend was there as well. You start looking down the line, [and] it was a bit like: ‘I’m a rebel, get me out of here’.”

In other Star Wars news, Mark Hamill has paid tribute to A New Hope actor Alfie Curtis, who passed away this week at the age of 87.

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