Gaze upon hundreds of people gathering to say “wow” like Owen Wilson (and now it’s coming to London)

What a time to be alive.

This weekend saw hundreds of people gather in Australia to say “wow” in unison, in the style of Owen Wilson. Now, a copycat event is coming to London.

To honour the actor, and the countless memes inspired by the style in which repeatedly says “wow” in the majority of his films, fans gathered at Federation Square in Melbourne to run through his “iconic” catchphrase.

Organiser Nicolas Zoumboulis, who started the Facebook event ‘Say Wow Like Owen Wilson‘, spoke to the Independent about his inspiration for the stunt.


“Ultimately I just really want to put some ‘positive energy,’ as Owen likes to say, out into the world,” said Zoumboulis. “If I can remind people that this world we are lucky to inhabit is beautiful, and to embrace that like Owen does in his movies by saying ‘wow,’ then I’ll be happy.”

Now, the very same event will be happening in London. A Facebook Event has been set up for people to gather and ‘Say Wow Like Owen Wilson’ in Trafalgar Square on March 11.


Remind yourself of Wilson’s “wow” in some of the most popular memes and videos:

“They’re for my really omitted fans,” said Owen once when explaining his dedication to repetition in his movie lines. “There’s a little word that’s just a little wink and a nod to them. It’s sort of like those New Yorker covers where the guy would write his wife’s name into the illustration.

“If you’re lucky enough to be one of those really committed fans, then I give you these little clues.”